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YCCAC Staff "Lighting Up The Night" For Essential Workers

Early last month, the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk launched a Light Up The Night campaign. The idea was to get as many lights as possible placed in windows each night at dusk as a show of appreciation for all the “essential workers” helping to keep us safe during this time of pandemic. These workers—health care personnel, grocers, first responders, child care workers, utility technicians, custodians, truck drivers . . . the list goes on—serve and provide for our community, often at great personal risk.

The Museum, in announcing the campaign, noted on its website:

For those at home: It’s OK to feel scared, isolated, sad, angry or confused. One of the most important things history can do is to help us recognize we are a part of something greater than ourselves - that none of us are alone in our experiences. We can join together and do something to increase the morale of the entire community. Let’s stand together.

YCCAC staff joined the effort to show appreciation for those working on the front lines. The campaign has not ended—the pandemic is still upon us. Please put a light in a widow of your home and send it to me. I’ll post it here, on the BB, and then again when 10 more have come in.

This window display comes from Heidi Jackson.

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