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YCCAC Payroll Process Expectations and Timeline

Employees are required to fill out their timecard every week with accurate coding and type of pay notations (holiday, PTO, or other classifications as needed).

YCCAC current deadline for payroll timecards to be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the supervisor is 10:00 a.m. on the Monday following the pay period end date.

The payroll process is closed at 10:00 a.m. on Monday and any pay adjustments will be done on the next payroll cycle.

After 10:00 am on Monday, the payroll data reports are reviewed for accuracy and master changes are completed. This process takes approximately 4-6 hours.

Tuesday morning the payroll is submitted to the ADP processing center. The absolute deadline set by ADP is 2:00 pm.

Payroll checks and direct deposits are paid on Thursday.

Our payroll staff work diligently under strict deadlines to pay our 225 employees each cycle.

We appreciate everyone’s assistance in adhering to our payroll deadlines to ensure everyone receives their accurate pay.

Thank you.

Diane Laurendeau

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