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YCCAC Online Store Opens June 8th for Two Week Run

For the second consecutive summer, YCCAC will offer for two weeks an online store where more than 25 logo-branded items can be purchased. The store will open Monday, June 8th and close Friday, June 19th.

Store offerings include a wide variety of items, with a range of styles and colors to attract all preferences and tastes. T-shirts, sweatshirts, even business attire will be offered. You can also pick up clothing for cooler weather, such as sweaters, vests and fleece jackets. Business-branded clothing has been shown to inspire confidence in workers, create team spirit, and promote both the employee and the organization.

Clothing categories include:

• T-Shirts

• Polo / Knits

• Sweatshirts / Fleece

• Activewear

• Outerwear

• Woven Shirts

• Ladies

• Infant & Toddler

Purchased goods will be shipped directly to the employee’s home, usually within 2 – 3 weeks of purchase date.

Access to the store will be posted on the BB, under Links. Notice of the store opening will be posted here, on the BB, on June 8th, and sent out to all staff as an email message.

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