YCCAC Internal Referral Kicks-off Monday with Weekly Goal

On Monday, June 21st, we will formally launch our Integrated Services Awareness Initiative. Staff from all agency programs have already moved this work forward by referring clients to programs and services for which they were eligible and in need; Meaghan Arzberger has conducted learning sessions over the past few months to train in the use of empowOR and to develop the appropriate processes for this important undertaking.

Our initial goal, beginning Monday, will be to achieve an average of 50 client/patient referrals each week. This is an agency-wide target, so the goal will include referrals from all YCCAC programs and departments. We will keep a goal thermometer active on the BB so that staff can see our daily progress. We also expect to celebrate our internal referral achievements around mid-August.

As we move into the formal process of integrating services by administering client referrals, we should remember that while we’re establishing a numerical goal to be achieved each week, the actual benefit is to those we serve, our clients and patients. Delivering health and human services in a seamless, unobtrusive manner will bolster agency efficiencies and lead to improved outcomes for all.

If you have questions about internal referrals, please don’t hesitate to contact Meaghan Arzberger at Meaghan.arzberger@yccac.org.

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