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YCCAC Face Mask Decorating Contest

The Pumpkin Cutting Contest generated enthusiasm among staff, attracting a remarkable number of participants. Ditto the Photography Contest. The current Holiday Recipe Contest is no different—recipes are coming in each day, and will begin to appear on the BB today. The Action Team’s latest offering—The YCCAC Face Mask Decorating Contest—is sure to be another big hit.

Here’s how it works: YCCAC staff are welcome to decorate a disposable mask or a white cotton mask, both provided by YCCAC. (Masks are available at program offices and at reception areas in all YCCAC facilities.) Submissions—that is, photos of the masks—are to be emailed to Rebekah Hayes at by no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, December 17th. The Action Team will vote and announce their selections during the week of December 20th. Masks will be awarded prizes for:

1. Funniest

2. Most Creative

3. Flashiest

4. Department Representation

5. People’s Choice

Prizes will include gift certificates.

Let’s have some fun. Let’s show our creativity. Let’s connect with each other, and keep those connections strong.

While we may not be able to wear the decorated masks to work, we can still show them off on the BB. If there are enough entrees, we might even make a short video of the masks, with music, as was done with the decorated pumpkins.

There’s an artist is each of us. Let it loose—and get decorating!

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