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YCCAC COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive

As of Friday, July 23rd, we are pleased to share that 75% of our YCCAC staff have already received the COVID vaccine! As we continue to encourage all staff to receive the vaccine, we will be conducting an agency wide COVID-19 vaccine campaign! During the remainder of July, as well as August, we encourage those that have not yet received the vaccine to consider doing so. As a reminder, Nasson Health Care can provide the vaccine to all employees and their families.

**Employees may call Nasson directly @ 490-6900 to schedule**

All employees who receive the vaccine between July 26th and August 31st, will be entered into a drawing! Once lucky winner will have the option to choose from the following prizes:

43” Roku Smart TV


Walmart $200.00 Gift Card

Employees must either receive the vaccine at Nasson Health Center or provide a copy of their vaccine card to Missy Flayhan to be entered.

At the conclusion of the campaign, and in appreciation to those that have already received the vaccine, an additional drawing will be held for staff who have already been fully vaccinated or who have received their first shot prior to July 26th !~ One lucky winner will also have their choice of the prizes listed above!

The support of all staff is greatly appreciated!

We’re close, we can do it! Let’s go for 100%

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