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What You Should Know About the Delta Variant

• The Delta variant causes more infections and spreads faster than earlier forms of the virus that causes COVID-19. It might cause more severe illness than previous strains in unvaccinated people.

• Vaccines continue to reduce a person’s risk of contracting the virus that cause COVID-19, including this variant.

• Vaccines continue to be highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death, including against this variant.

• Fully vaccinated people with breakthrough infections from this variant appear to be infectious for a shorter period.

• Get vaccinated and wear masks indoors in public spaces to reduce the spread of this variant.

COVID-19 vaccinations are available at Nasson Health Care for ages 12 and up. Walk-in or schedule an appointment by calling (207) 490-6900.

About the Delta Variant

Variants in the U.S.

Find a COVID Vaccination Site Near You

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