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Update on YCCAC COVID-19 Protocols

YCCAC Staff,

As you know, in the past week the state has made a number of changes to its Covid mask and social distancing protocols, as vaccination rates have gone up and infection rates have gone down. We have taken a look at our protocols and are revising them as follows. These protocols address staff. We are not changing any of our current Covid related practices for client/patient services at this time.

YCCAC Revised Covid Office Protocols

· Masks will not be required for staff who have been vaccinated (vaccinated staff can obviously still wear masks if they would like to).

· Masks will be required for unvaccinated staff in shared office space and common areas. This reflects our commitment to maintain a safe work environment for all staff during this period of transition with Covid.

· No social distancing will be required.

· We strongly encourage vaccination for those who have not been vaccinated. Please contact Nasson for an appointment if you would like a vaccine.

· For those who have been vaccinated, if you were not vaccinated at Nasson please provide proof of vaccine to Missy in HR.

As a reminder, Nasson, Head Start/Early Head Start classrooms, and transportation vehicles continue to have their own specialized Covid protocols.

As we have been doing throughout the pandemic, we will continue to monitor conditions and adjust our protocols accordingly. At this point, we are paying particular attention to vaccination rates and infection rates.

Thanks, everyone, for continuing to work together to ensure that we maintain a safe work environment during the pandemic. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let Missy or me know.


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