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Tom Reinauer Begins New Job as Transportation Director

Please welcome Tom Reinauer to YCCAC as the new Director of Transportation. Tom began work this week at our Spruce Street office site, taking over for Bob Currie, who has accepted the position of Director of Operations.

Tom has spent virtually his entire career in the field of public transportation. Most recently, he worked as Director of Public Outreach and Planning for the Maine Department of Transportation. Prior to that, Tom served for 27 years as Director of Transportation for the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission.

“I’ve worked with a lot of the Transportation staff here at YCCAC,” Tom said. “I worked closely with Connie (Garber, former Transportation Program Director), and also with Dot (Morin) and Deb (Paradis) over the years.

Tom has been involved in the planning and launch of most current Transportation program services, including the WAVE and Shoreline Explorer. He has a background in route and service planning, and will bring a wealth of talent and experience to our organization.

Watch next week for a press release announcing Tom as our new Transportation Program Director.

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