Time Sheets are Due Today

At a Bob Dylan concert in Portland some years back, near the end of the performance, Bob took a few minutes to introduce his band. When he got to the drummer, George Receli, he said, “George likes to sit on his watch . . . that way he’s always on time.”

Ba-boom. (But a true story.)

Being on time is what this message is about, and it’s important. Getting the payroll processed so that we’re all paid on time requires a simple and yet specific act from each of us: filling out our time sheets. It only takes a minute or two to complete, and when finished you can know that you’ve done your part to help us all—yourself, your friends and colleagues, and especially the fiscal staff, who work incredibly hard to get the time sheets recorded and the payroll processed.

Today’s the day to get the sheets filled out—the day we all need to sit on our watches.

We appreciate your adherence to our payroll deadline; it really does help ensure that everyone gets their accurate pay, and on time. Please take a break right now to fill out your time sheet.



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