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Theresa Leblanc to Join Economic Opportunity Dept. as Outreach Project Assistant

Theresa Leblanc, the first person most visitors to our Spruce Street office meet as they come through the front doors, always welcoming and always ready to offer whatever assistance is needed, is moving to a new job: on Monday, October 5th, she will take up the position of Outreach Project Assistant. Theresa’s direct work with the Outreach staff during her three years at YCCAC makes her well-suited for the job. And the Outreach program, which in recent months has been in ever-greater demand, will certainly make good use of her skills.

Theresa’s move from one desk to another leaves one desk open: the main reception. The job, Administrative Assistant to the Central Office at Spruce Street, serves as the point of contact for most YCCAC clients at Spruce Street, and administers the internal referral process for the Outreach program. Theresa will continue to serve in this important role until the vacancy is filled.

We often find our best hires are referrals from members of the YCCAC team. As a reminder, all employment opportunities can be found on the BB, agency website and FB page.

Congratulations, Theresa!

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