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The Way Life Should Be, Indeed!

Dot Morin, an Assistant Director of Transportation, sent in a note the other day.

She wrote that she got a phone call from a woman who was vacationing in Maine from Rhode Island. The woman, who said she suffers from a visual impairment, had been alone in a camper and without cooking supplies or a way to get to a store. She was directed to a trolley stop—and then her vacation really took off!

“The trolley drivers were outstanding,” Dot was told. “They were kind and caring.” The visitor said that she was “guided to local restaurants and businesses where she could get something to eat and buy the supplies she needed.” Dot added: “She said that Sylvie, Linda, Richard, Andrew and Paul all helped her.”

During their conversation, Dot explained that the trolley system is a part of York County Community Action Corporation, and said, “That’s what we do: we help people.” But the woman, clearly overjoyed with the assistance received, said she believed the drivers were “sent from heaven to help me.”

Dot closed with this note: Sylvie, Linda, Richard, Andrew and Paul, on behalf of YCCAC, thank you for doing your job in such an outstanding way. Being nice really does matter!.

Dot speaks for us all. Great work!

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