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The Second Internal Referral Pilot Set to Begin December 7th

The second scheduled Integrated Services Pilot will begin December 7 and run for six weeks, ending January 18, 2021. This cohort will include staff from all YCCAC programs, along with the staff who participated in the first Pilot, which concluded its six-week run on October 30. There will be a total of 17 participants in the second Pilot.

The first Pilot provided helpful information about workflows, system navigation, and processes for making and receiving client/patient referrals. It also offered a staging for the collection of best practices for administering internal referrals.

The work now being done will help inform our next steps in this important project. With each client/patient referral, we learn more about the efficiencies that make this new method of delivering services both feasible and essential. The client/patient who reaches out to YCCAC for assistance with one need is, as we know, often in need of, and eligible for, other YCCAC services. The goal is to meet this combination of needs with swift, seamless, comprehensive response, so that the client/patient is better positioned to achieve and sustain wellness.

Some slight modifications to the internal referral process have already been made; the first Pilot yielded valuable lessons. We expect the second Pilot will do the same. Throughout the next stage of our work, we will keep YCCAC staff apprised of our advances, whatever new modifications are made to the referral process, and how (or if) there are significant experience differences between the first and the second Pilots. We will also refer back to the Norms, and, if possible, offer actual client/patient success “stories” resulting from our internal referral work.

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