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Thanks and Praise for the Energy Services Team

Ericka Sanborn, who for three years oversaw our volunteer and fundraising programs, last week sent the following message to Barbara Crider and Carter Friend. Great work, Energy Services Team!

Hello, Barb and Carter!

Happy (almost) New Year! I hope this note finds you well.

I wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of Jackie Watson and her outstanding staff, namely Jamie, Stephanie and Jennifer, who so quickly - and compassionately - responded to a neighbor of mine in need of emergency fuel/furnace assistance. As an employee, I always knew YCCAC did amazing things, but to witness it in this way - as simply a York County resident - was complete affirmation of the life-changing work you all do.

Today, I was moved by the kindness, dignity, and resourcefulness of your staff. It made a tremendous difference to my neighbor and, conversely, to me. Thus, I felt compelled to give credit where credit was due. Kudos to all of you for the gift of hope you share with those who need it most.

Be well,


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