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Thank You Note, From a Grateful Client

A thank you letter appeared in our mailbox last week from a Kennebunk resident to Theresa LeBlanc, Outreach Project Assistant in the Economic Opportunity Department.

It sometimes goes that our work might seem to be just that—work. But in truth ours is a different kind of labor, rare in that it serves a larger goal, a good often beyond our understanding or appreciation. The work we do—as evidenced by the thank you note to Theresa—has a deeper resonance, a more profound meaning and impact. It touches lives.

Kudos to Theresa! Great work!

Dear Theresa,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help with my rent relief application.

It can be really hard to need and ask for help, and you made me feel welcome and treated me (and my kids) with respect, and really made sure I was getting all the help I could.

That really helped me feel better . . . it makes a difference!

It’s been a tough year and the way you did your job really helped. I can’t explain it—just know, please, it did. I am grateful for you.

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