Thank You Message from Rent Relief Client

Jackie Watson, Director Energy Services, received a message this morning from a Rent Relief client about the exceptional service one of her staff—Susan Morgan, who joined the program just 10 days ago—had provided her. Jackie writes, “I had to pass this along because I was so proud. This is the 3rd thank you we have received within 24 hours from Rent Relief clients/landlords. We have an incredibly talented team!

Kudos to you, Susan! You make us all proud!

Dear Jackie,

I am writing to pass on my experience with the absolute above and beyond service I received from Susan Morgan.

I hopefully will do her justice but between her communication style and both her technical and situational awareness, I was blown away by the level of service she provided. And also the time she put into helping me and my landlord understand the relief program.

My landlord was apprehensive almost to the point of skepticism and after Susan offered, followed through timely, and called him, he was completely on board. That didn’t surprise me, however, because I could actually intuit how much Susan gave in this, (what I later discovered) recent position for her.

Anyway, there’s truly not enough people that match her combination of understanding, intellect and genuine empathy I’ve come across. She’s absolutely in the correct role and I am so pleased to write you this note.


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