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Take the First Step To Achieve Your Financial Goals!

March 2 @ 1:00, in person in the Dupee Conference Room or by Zoom

Easy Strategies and Tips for Financial Success

No matter how big or small your financial goals, the journey to achieving them starts with simple steps. But those first few steps can impact how quickly and efficiently you achieve your goals.

During this 40-minute presentation, you’ll learn how to make your money work smarter and harder. Craig Joncas, CFP® of Penobscot Financial Advisors will cover easy strategies and tips on:

  • Preparing for financial emergencies

  • Improving your credit score

  • Paying off debt

  • Smarter saving

  • Tools to help along the way

Sign up here! (If you'd like to attend by zoom, sign up here and we'll email you the Zoom link.)

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