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Spruce Street Update

By now most of you are aware that Spruce Street experienced a major incident over the weekend. Burst water pipes from the extreme cold caused flooding, which resulted in substantial damage. Unfortunately, this negatively impacted all of the Headstart and Fiscal Administrative areas in Building A, the entire WIC area, all of the administrative offices in the Human Resources area and a few of the offices in Weatherization in Building C.

I’d like to express my extreme appreciation to everyone who assisted on Monday, and who worked to get a sense of organization underway. Our team is moving forward to attend to the areas impacted, while minimizing interruption to client services.

Special thanks are extended to include, but not limited to: Pascal Pelletier, who observed the temperature change at the driver’s temporary kiosk area; Carl Watson, who observed we had water pouring out from under one of the doors; Kim Engel for providing notification; the staff from our Facilities team, Fiscal, Headstart, Human Resources, IT, Weatherization, and WIC. These collaborative efforts made such great contributions to get things underway for a very large cleanup. We are also very appreciative of the responsiveness from the various service companies needed.

At this time, it is unclear the timeline to return to a sense of normalcy, but we will get there as soon as possible and your patience is truly appreciated!


Robert Currie

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