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Spruce Street Next Steps

Dear Colleagues,

As you might imagine, the Spruce Street flooding has been very disruptive, and with a team effort – from all of our colleagues - we’re starting to see progress. Still we are currently in the remediation phase and expect this will carry into early next week.

Sprinkler system

Next Monday, we are scheduled to have the entire sprinkler system updated and the work may span a few days until complete.

All staff areas might experience interruption while the service provider completes updates. When they come to your area, it may require moving your files or paperwork. If any larger items need moving, Facilities will provide support, though you might experience 15-30-minutes of disruption. Your assistance and cooperation is appreciated to move the process along that much easier.

WIC and Children Services

Both WIC and Children Services cannot be occupied at this time, and it’s estimated that it could be another three weeks before we return to a sense of normalcy in those areas. WIC will continue to operate out of the Library until further notice. In the Human Resources and Weatherization areas, we are a bit more optimistic and think those spaces can be occupied sooner.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to everyone for their understanding and especially to those programs that have been impacted and willingly adjusted. Thanks especially to all our staff members who have provided additional assistance during this period. It’s been a great team effort!

We are also very appreciative to the responsiveness of our service providers as those partners have made it able for us to see light at the end of the tunnel, far from where we were at the beginning of the week.


Robert Currie

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