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Share the Good News! YCCAC Internal Blog Launched!

We know that YCCAC employees do amazing work every day. For that reason, we want to offer a space to share stories of these commendable acts. In particular, we would love to hear stories of people who are examples of our agency’s norms. As a reminder, our first norm states:

As YCCAC employees, we strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients and patients, as well as to each other. As a team, we coordinate our efforts both within and across departments to integrate our services to provide the best possible experience and outcomes to those we serve.

Do YOU have a story to share that highlights this? We want to hear it and celebrate it! Feel free to share a story and comment upon other people’s stories. This is an internal forum for our use. Please keep this forum positive, uplifting, and fun. You may reference our guidelines attached.

The new internal YCCAC blog can be found on the BB under the FORUMS tab, then click YCCAC General Discussions. Or you can go directly to it HERE.

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