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Sanford’s National Night Out Draws Huge Crowd to Central Park

YCCAC doubles-down on dinosaurs, bringing not one but two inflatable creatures to the annual community event.

YCCAC program staff from Children’s Services, Energy Services, Weatherization and Economic Opportunity staffed tables at Tuesday night’s National Night Out in Sanford’s Central Park. Residents from the surrounding area and nearby communities came out to visit with local law enforcement, non-profit organizations— including Trafton-YMCA, Caring Unlimited, Sanford Middle School PTA, St. Thomas School, Sanford Housing Authority, Sanford Kiwanis Club, and OPTIONS (the Overdose Prevention Through Intensive Outreach Naloxone and Safety)—and to enjoy grilled burgers, cotton candy, ice cream sandwiches, and bottled water.

There was the dunk tank, for dropping Sanford Police into a tank of water with the skilled toss of a beanbag. Music was blast from a portable DJ station. Police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances were parked along School Street for kids to climb inside and sound sirens or horns. And people were free to mill down the rows of manned tables and learn about some of the programs and services available in Sanford and throughout York County.

Our adventurous dinosaur team, Junelle Soucy and Heidi Jackson, roamed the area, giving high-fives and hugs to kids, and occasionally pairing off with youngsters to dance in the grass.

Our sincere thanks to the YCCAC staff who took part in last night’s event: Junelle Soucy, Heidi Jackson, Melissa Coreau, Brenda Zeller, Diana Minott, Nathan Bunker, Louise Pridham, and Lori Valley.

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