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Please Take This Survey. We Want to Hear From You

We all work very hard to provide the care and assistance our clients and patients need. It is important that the same measure of support be provided you, our staff.

To help us gauge how you are doing, a short, confidential survey has been created. This is an opportunity for us to hear from you—and we want very much for every staff member to participate. There is no better way for us to know how you are holding up during this challenging time of COVID-19, and how we might be able to help.

To complete the survey, click HERE. We hope to have all surveys in by the end of this week—at 5:00 Friday afternoon, October 2nd.

It goes without saying, and yet will be said anyway: Our staff is our greatest asset! You, each and every one, helps to deliver on the promise of our Mission. We are an amazing organization, and we have done remarkable work for our community during these difficult times. Thank you for participating in this important survey.

If you have any questions about it, please contact Missy Flayhan at (work): 207-459-2958 (cell): 207-432-8664, or by email at

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