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Open Enrollment is Approaching.....

Welcome to the last quarter of the calendar year and also the beginning of benefit consideration season!

Our insurance open enrollment with the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust is from November 15th through December 9th. For the 2023 plan year all benefit decisions need to be made on the participation in our benefit plans by the 9th of December.

Save the Dates:

Our Health Trust Field Representative Debbie Bridges will join us for two open enrolment sessions to provide education and answer questions regarding the health, dental, vision and life insurance plans.

  • Tuesday, November 16th at 3:00pm – This presentation will also be available via Zoom. Details to be sent at a later date.

  • Thursday, December 1st at 8:15am

Please look for future open enrollment correspondence from HR on the Bulletin Board and via e-mail. We will be posting more information as our benefit enrollment data unfolds this fall and materials are developed.

Thank you,

The HR Team

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