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Open Enrollment Deadline Approaching

TIC TOCK, TIC TOCK!! – Only 9 more days left for our 2023 Benefit Open Enrollment

The deadline for submitting 2023 benefit elections is 12/9/22. Please see attached Open Enrollment Quick Reference Sheet for guidance on this process. Additional resources can be found in the Important Documents desktop folder. Select HR Documents > Open Enrollment.

This is a 3 step process:

1. Please open your ADP Workforce Now homepage and select Myself > Benefits > Enrollments and begin to walk through your benefit options. Whether you are keeping your plan the same next year, making changes or waiving your benefit options you need to make your selections by no later than 12/9/22.

2. If you are making changes to your current benefit plans remember you will also need to complete and submit your enrollment change form to Human Resources in order to officially change your coverage. Your benefits will not be approved by HR until the appropriate forms are received. Enrollment/change forms are now conveniently available on your desktop. Important Documents > HR Documents > Open Enrollment.

3. When you have submitted your elections and form (if applicable) you will be sent a Benefits Confirmation Statement via mail, e-mail or inter-office mail that you must sign and return to Human Resources by 12/31/22.

Please be sure this task is on your list within the next 9 days so that you can dash onto other items to accomplish during this busy Holiday Season!

Thank you,

The HR Team

Benefits Open Enrollment Quick Reference_2022
Download PDF • 142KB

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