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Note of Appreciation for Junelle Soucy

We received in the mail this afternoon a note of thanks from a client—a business owner and landlord—for the exceptional help she and her clients have received from Junelle Soucy, an Energy Services Specialist II. The message reads:

Good afternoon Jackie,

I am a small business owner, and a landlord on the side.

I wanted to pass along some positive feedback about your employee, Junelle Soucy. Over the past few days, Junelle has been working with me to help rectify several of my tenants who are behind in their rent due to the unfortunate Covid-19 situation. She has been extremely positive and willing to help all of us, myself and my tenants. In these trying times, a caring attitude is very hard to find, so I wanted to make sure I passed along how much I appreciate all the help Junelle has given us. A definite above and beyond employee!

If there is anything I can do for you to help with some kind of recognition reward, I would be happy to do so!

Thank you all very much!

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