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New COVID PTO Policy Adopted

As many of you know, Maine and York County continue to struggle with periodic waves of COVID transmissions. To help respond to that, and to support staff members who may be facing PTO shortages, we’ve worked out a new COVID PTO policy which is being offered to all staff.

Moving forward you will have the opportunity to use PTO in advance of earning it, if needed to meet COVID quarantine requirements. If you have tested positive for COVID and do not have sufficient PTO to cover the full 5-day quarantine period, you can go into a negative balance for the amount you need to quarantine (up to 40 hours for full time employees) with the understanding that regular PTO accruals will eventually return your balance to a positive level. This will be available through March 31, 2023, at which point we will re-assess the policy.

This is available for YCCAC employees when they are COVID-positive (it is not available when a family member is COVID-positive).

If you test positive for COVID, please let your supervisor know. They will discuss this policy with you and how to use it, if you choose to. Please don’t hesitate to contact Jean in HR if you have any questions at

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