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Multifactor Authentication

To all YCCAC and Nasson users

Early this spring we deployed DUO’s multifactor authentication tool for many users. We are now deploying it agency wide.

This only affects people working remotely or traveling, basically not on site. This affects all departments. We are encouraging all employees to enroll.

You are required to enroll by clicking the link You will not be able to logon in the future if you don't complete the enrollment. Please reach out to us if you have enrollment related problems.

We go live with this Friday

Remember multifactor authentication requires you to logon to the agency with your username and password, we then push a yes no question to your phone to make sure it's really you. This is a common industry practice.

If you receive a push notification without actually logging on to report that to us immediately…

If you do not have a smartphone you can use a text message or even have DUO call you.

Please review the attached file for steps to setup DUO. Call IT if you have any questions or issues.

Download PDF • 303KB

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