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Message to All YCCAC Staff from the Executive Director

Dear YCCAC Staff: Just a word to thank all of you for continuing to work hard and deliver services of the highest quality to our clients and patients. No need to pretend otherwise: there’s lots to worry about these days. We are worried about our own health and the health of our loved ones. Many of us are worried about our children due to the school closures. Our financial circumstances feel less stable. Please know that we are doing all that we can to support you during this crisis. The federal and state governments are working quickly to create access to support for workers, and are providing resources to continue pay if you are out due to illness or a drop off in work activity. The details of those supports have not been finalized, but a safety net is being created. I also recognize that our clients and patients are feeling anxious, and our work with them is more demanding as a result. I am more proud of our team than ever, because I am watching you work with patience, commitment and compassion. It is important for us all to be patient with each other and to take good care of ourselves. Get enough rest, try some escape TV, exercise, and remain confident that we will emerge from this trying time. And, although it goes without saying, chocolate and chips help, too. If you have questions or hear murmurs that are troubling you, don’t hesitate to call me or stop by. Thanks! Barb

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