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Message to All YCCAC Staff from the Executive Director

I have several exciting staffing updates to share with you. First, in order to meet the growth we have seen during Covid, and which we expect to continue seeing, we have created a Chief Program Officer position. This position will support YCCAC’s program development and implementation, initially focusing on identifying state and federal Covid related program opportunities and working with Department Directors to pursue them. I am very pleased to announce that Michelle Fleagle has accepted this position. Michelle will split time between this role and her Children’s Services Director role for the next six months, when she will transition fully to the CPO position.

Second, I am also pleased to announce that Bob Currie will become YCCAC’s new Director of Operations. This role has been vacant since before Covid – many of you may recall it was last filled by Andrew Lederer. Again, because of the operational challenges with Covid and our organizational growth, we believe it is critical for our success to restore our capacity in this area. We are thrilled that Bob will be bringing his skills and deep operations experience to this important position.

Finally, with Bob stepping into the Director of Operations role, I am excited to share that after an extensive search Tom Reinauer will be joining YCCAC as our new Transportation Director. Tom is a long-time partner of YCCAC and very familiar with our Transportation work and the organization. Tom spent over 25 years at Southern Maine Planning and Regional Development Commission leading regional transportation work. Among other things, he worked with YCCAC to develop our WAVE, Shoreline Explorer, Southern Maine Connector and KITT routes. Tom is extremely well-respected locally, at the state level and nationally. Tom will be starting on Tuesday, September 7. Bob will be working with Tom to help with the transition before he steps into his new role as Director of Operations.

We believe these changes will position YCCAC even more strongly for long-term, sustained success in this fast-changing environment. Please join me in welcoming Michelle, Bob and Tom to their new roles!

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