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Message of Thanks from the Town of Kennebunk

Each year, YCCAC submits funding requests to most York County towns and cities. This year, the Town of Kennebunk returned our request with the note below. It’s the kind of message that makes our work all the more meaningful, as it affirms the support and appreciation of the communities we serve. It speaks also to the care with which YCCAC staff—Dot, Bob and Heather are named here—perform their jobs each and every day. Kudos to these three!

Hi Brad,

Our Tax/Finance office received your inquiry below and I’m happy to confirm that our budget passed at the Annual Town Meeting last week. While York County Community Action had submitted a request for $4,000, we had recommended an increase in support to $6,000. This was due both to fewer agencies applying for municipal support this fiscal year, but more due to the recognition of what an important partner York County Community Action is for the Town.

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