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Message from the Executive Director (April 29, 2020)

YCCAC/Nasson Team: I had the fun opportunity to participate in two Departmental zoom meetings today. It was really great to see familiar faces. It was also fun to see that many of you welcome your cats and puppies onto your laps for meetings. I think there is a special carve-out from HIPAA, PII, and general confidentiality regs for quadrupeds. I could swear I read that somewhere. The more I read, the more it seems that remote working will become part of our new normal. One article I read said that Executive Directors had been historically skeptical of remote working [true in my case], and that only about 4% of all workers nationwide had been working remotely. This swelled to about 35% under the recent stay at home orders, which, according to estimates, is about the outer limit of workers who can reasonably work remotely. Let me know your thoughts about the benefits and challenges of working remotely. I am always interested in ways that we can reduce our costs, and therefore have an increased ability to support our workforce and help our clients and patients. It’s also important for you to pay attention to Missy’s (our HR Director) advice and guidance around working safely at home. If you have questions, please give Missy a call or send her an email (459-2958 or Melissa.Flayhan@YCCAC.ORG). Finally, for those of you who have endured more than 3 paragraphs: I am so comforted to see the pictures of your window beacons. Great New England tradition. Truly heart warming. Please keep it up! Take care, Barb

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