Message from the Executive Director (April 22)

YCCAC/Nasson Team: We’ve been at some version of distancing for more than one month now, and I am sure that I am not the only one who is growing a bit weary of this odd state of affairs. I certainly don’t have a crystal ball that will tell me when we can resume going to the office regularly or seeing clients face to face. But rest assured that we are closely monitoring the guidance that the Governor’s office and Maine CDC are issuing, and will follow that advice to ensure maximum safety for staff and the public. Even when we return to a less restrictive way of living, it is pretty clear that our world will have changed in significant ways. The economy has taken a serious body blow, and most predictions are that the recovery will be slow. This means that more of our York County neighbors will be needing the resources we have to offer. It also means that we need to be thoughtful in planning how to respond to the increased needs. I would welcome your thoughts about what emerging needs you are hearing about from clients and patients. I would also be really interested in what you have learned as you have begun to interact with clients and patients using technology. Are there tools and modes of communication we can use more broadly that will make it easier and more efficient to access to our services? Are there new services that you anticipate our clients and patients needing in the future that we can begin developing now? Please send along your thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate hearing from you, and value your input. Take care and keep in touch! Barbara

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