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Message from the Executive Director about COVID-19 (April 6)

Dear YCCAC/Nasson Health Care Team: I hope you are all keeping safe and adjusting to this incredible new ‘normal.’ Many of us are working from home, which certainly has its challenges. Thank you all for adapting and for continuing to make sure our resources continue to be available for our clients and patients. I have heard from several members of our Board of Directors, who are closely monitoring our work and supporting our efforts. They are, appropriately so, impressed and deeply appreciative of your continuing commitment and passion for our work. Please keep in mind that, if the need arises due to illness or child care issues, there may be some additional resources for you. Check with your supervisor or our Human Resources Department if you have questions about available additional leave options. Our HR Director, Missy Flayhan, can be reached at 459-2958. As always, if you need to reach me, feel free to email ( or give me a call (207-608-0937.) Thanks and take care! Barbara

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