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Message from the Executive Director About COVID-19 (April 1)

Please read this new message (April 1) from Executive Director Barbara Crider. Dear YCCAC Team: As you know, the Governor’s stay at home order goes into effect at midnight tonight. Many of you have worked hard for much of the day to arrange to work remotely, whenever that is possible. Please pay attention to these important reminders: 1. YCCAC/Nasson Health Care is an essential service, and to the extent possible, we need to continue to be available for clients and patients. I am expecting a letter from the State that confirms this, but in the meantime, when you are commuting to and from work, please be sure to keep your ID badge handy, in the event your are questioned when commuting. 2. Even though we must remain open, we are implementing as many safety precautions as possible. At Spruce St., we would like departments to try hard to have no more than one person in the office at any given time. I know that isn’t feasible for some of you, but try to achieve this, and if you are in your work area with others, be very mindful to maintain at least a six foot distance. 3. Please try not to go out for take out or do grocery shopping during noontime and then return to the building. We want to do all we can to keep our work spaces as safe as possible, and this will help. 4. Please read your email, even if you are at home, because we will be posting important updates for you, and most of you will not have access to the BB. We will also be using ADP/payroll’s message function to keep you up to date. We also are working on creating a BB that is accessible for staff externally. 5. Dan and Brent will remain on call for building related emergencies. You can continue to use the ticket system. Please stay as safe as you can. Thank you all again for making these major adjustments in literally less than 24 hours. Our patients and clients rely on us, and you have really stepped up! Never hesitate to email or call me. My cell phone number is 207-608-0937. Barbara

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