Message from the Executive Director

Dear YCCAC/Nasson Staff:

We want to thank you yet again for all of your hard work over the past year. While 2021 proved to be another challenging year, we are hoping for all good things as we go into a New Year. I have a notion that 2022 is going to be an important one for our organization and for the clients and communities in which we work. While there is still a way to go to make sure COVID, and all the disruption it has caused, is in the rear view mirror, it is important to remember that we have the tools to make that happen.

The availability and effectiveness of the vaccines, the new promising treatments on the horizon, and what we know about keeping ourselves and our families as safe as possible, will inevitably lead to brighter days.

Through your hard work during the past year, lives have quite literally been saved. Please remember that what you do here matters.

I hope you get some well deserved rest during the Holiday weekend. We will be closing at 3:00PM on December 23 to let you get at least a little head start on your celebration.

Looking forward to a great New Year with you.



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