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Message from the Executive Director

The COVID-19 pandemic was hardly an expected occurrence. None of us could have anticipated it, much less imagined the many ways it would force us to alter our work practices—to say nothing of how we travel, shop, socialize, attend our places of worship. The pandemic has challenged us to adapt, and to do so quickly.

All YCCAC/Nasson staff have shown that we were up to the challenge. We have continued, through creativity, inventiveness, and flexibility, to provide our clients and patients with the services they need. We all have reason to be proud. I share that pride, and thank you for your tremendous efforts during this difficult time.

As our programs and program-staff adjusted to continue delivering services in our communities, the Fiscal Team was in many ways at the forefront of the “action.” Their work, which takes place behind the scenes and so is rarely noticed, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Led by CFO Diane Laurendeau and including Paula Lantagne, Jennifer Spalding, Sylvia Valliere, Kim Tardif and Suzanne Diamond, the Fiscal team has managed more than 20 new contracts in just the past year! We have grown the money under management of our Fiscal Department by an astonishing 35 percent—from $22 million to $34 million! The Fiscal staff has managed our Payroll Protection Plan (PPP), in some cases working directly with the IRS to enable continued payment to agency staff unable to work due to COVID-19. And that’s just the start. There is so much more!

As we enter the holiday season (I’m not sure if Halloween counts, but certainly Thanksgiving does), I want to take a moment to recognize Diane and her team for their extraordinary work throughout the pandemic. There is not a better team of fiscal workers anywhere in the state—I would argue in the nation! Please join me in offering them a pre-holiday message of thanks.

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