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Message from the Executive Director

Dear YCCAC/Nasson Team:

Hope you are able to enjoy this great summer weather we’ve been having (yesterday’s storm notwithstanding!)

It has been an unusual summer on so many levels!  We are busier than ever in many of our departments, still figuring out how to work responsively under peculiar conditions.  Our clients and patients are still experiencing enhanced needs, since many of them remain out of work.  There are many sources of stress, including what will be happening with schools this fall.  I know that’s a real source of worry to many of you and your families.

We have been called on by our communities, as we knew we would be when this crisis started, to play a major role in responding.  Some new projects that we have added include:

• Two major programs designed to help hundreds of York County households pay rent and utilities; • A public health education effort in the Greater Sanford region, helping businesses, schools, civic groups and other organizations understand and use safe measures; • Opening (soon) a “Swab and Send” testing site at Nasson; • Providing support to people identified by Maine’s Contact Tracers, helping them to successfully quarantine to keep their families and the communities safe; • Retrofitting our buses, classrooms, exam rooms and public facing office areas so that we can protect staff and the public to the greatest extent possible.

And by the way, we have rolled out these initiatives while conducting our ‘normal’ work conscientiously.

You are an outstanding group; I have always been proud to work with you, but over the past few months, watching you all step up and doing so with great spirit has been really gratifying.

Thanks as always, and keep in touch!


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