Message from the Executive Director

Many of you know that YCCAC is a member of the Maine Community Action Association (MCAA). All ten of Maine’s Community Action Agencies make up the association. Here’s how MCAA describes its purpose: MCAA is a statewide organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of Maine citizens by advocating for, enhancing and supporting the work of Maine’s ten community action agencies. For several years now, MCAA has operated without a full time Executive Director. Instead, it relied on members of the Board (all of Maine’s CAA Executive Directors/CEO’s) to do much of its work, and it hired a Government Liaison to help communication with state and federal policy makers. Many of you have gotten to know Rick McCarthy, who has filled the Liaison role for some time. After concluding that the interests of MCAA, and by extension, Maine’s Community Action Agencies, would be more efficiently advanced under a full time Executive Director, last month we hired Megan Hannan to fill that role. Megan will work to become the statewide ‘voice’ of Community Action, and will help us to organize our work and become a more visible presence as the state’s most important resource and advocate for low income Mainers. Megan is the former Executive Director of several important Maine organizations, including the Maine Women’s Fund, the Frannie Peabody Center, and has done senior level policy work for Planned Parenthood and the New England Division of the American Cancer Society. I know that some of you have already met Megan, and more of you will soon. When you do, please welcome her to the world of Community Action.

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