Message from the Deputy Director

Hi YCCAC/Nasson staff,

I want to update you on the recent Strategic Planning session we held with the Board and Management Staff. As you may recall, the goal of our planning work is to update our current Strategic Plan, not do a wholesale revision.

With that in mind, Barb kicked off the session by sharing some client/patient stories to ground our conversation. She then reminded us about the challenges our clients/patients are facing, as well as about the opportunities that exist through growing workforce opportunities and federal investments such as the recently passed Infrastructure bill. Finally, she issued a call to action, which is for us to act boldly to make the most of these opportunities for our clients/patients and the community.

We then moved to discussions about the three topics for the evening – Transportation, Affordable Housing and Child Care. These three topics were identified as priorities by staff through the Word Cloud exercises we did together (the agency-wide Word Cloud is located here , and by the community through focus groups and surveys. There was a lot energy in the (virtual) rooms as we heard good insights and ideas from Board members and staff alike. As is always the case, it was wonderful to have Board members and staff working together. The notes from the discussions are located here .

In terms of next steps, in the coming 1 – 2 months we will develop roadmaps for addressing each of these issue areas. In the areas of Transportation and Child Care, we are already taking steps to develop strategies. In the area of Affordable Housing we have more planning to do.

Thanks to everyone for participating in this process. We will continue to update you as the work moves forward. Please don’t hesitate to let Barb or me know if you have any questions.


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