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March 12 Update on the Coronavirus from the Executive Director

We are working very hard to keep information about the impact of the corona virus outbreak flowing at YCCAC. Since you are reading this, you are among the YCCAC staffers who read the BB, which I appreciate. Please encourage your colleagues who can to check the BB regularly, because we will be posting information frequently in an effort to keep everyone as up to date as possible. (A tab will be added to the BB, labeled Coronavirus, to keep current information about the serious outbreak available to all YCCAC staff. Please check it regularly. We will post in the folder all the updates that appear on the BB, as well as information from the Maine CDC. Use the information to protect yourself, your family, your co-workers, and your clients/patients.) It is also important that we devote some planning time to determining what challenges our clients/patients are likely to encounter as this outbreak runs its course. Those of you who interact directly with clients/patients can play an important role in assessing emerging needs and helping us to craft responses. Our neighbors who are living on minimal resources will need us to be ready to do all we can to help them through the next few weeks and months. Please let me know what you are hearing from the folks we work with about their concerns, so that we can work together planning what we can do to help. Thanks for all you do! Barbara

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