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"Light Up The Night" campaign is burning bright

Connie Garnett, a Head Start teacher at Emery Street in Sanford, has submitted her contribution to our Light Up The Night collection of photographs of windows lights. Launched early last month by the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk, Light Up The Night is a way for York County residents to show their appreciation for all those working to keep us safe and provide us a semblance of normality in these most abnormal times. Who are these workers on the “front lines”? They are store clerks and stockers, pharmacists and firefighters and police. They are bus drivers, mail carriers, oil delivery drivers and sanitation workers. And they are the doctors and nurses, receptionists and volunteers at the medical facilities that take in and care for those infected with the coronavirus. In its message to the public, the Brick Store Museum asks those who would like to participate in Light Up The Night to “light a (electric-powered) candle, string light, lamp, or any kind of light in your window each evening at dusk, through the end of this pandemic. “Let’s all come together in thanks – and show what community is all about. Whether you are on the front lines to serve or staying home to slow the spread: we are in this together – and we’ll see it through to the end.” Keep sending me your photos. Let’s see how many we can get by May 15th.

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