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Light a Light, to "Light Up The Night"

As noted in an earlier BB posting, the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk is asking people to put a light in a window to recognize the many individuals who are working, often at great personal risk, to help us all during these difficult days. The request is to put "a candle (electric or battery powered) or some other type of light in a window each evening at dusk, beginning now until the end of the pandemic." To that end, we’re on a quest. We’d like to publish on the BB, over the next 30 days, as many YCCAC staff lights as possible. Put your light in a window and take a picture of it. Then send the picture to me at I’ll put it on the BB, with your name (unless you prefer to remain anonymous, which is fine, too). At the end of 30 days (on May 16) I’ll post all the pictures in a type of a collage. Put a light in your window for your mail carrier, your newspaper delivery person, the Amazon or FedEx or UPS drivers who deliver to your door. Turn on a light for the grocery clerks and pharmacists and convenience store workers in your neighborhood. And light a light for the doctors and nurses and other hospital personnel who are on the front lines of this battle against COVID-19: who are caring for the sick and frightened, and who are saving lives, every day. The first photo displayed comes from our executive director, Barbara Crider. Let’s get many, many more.

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