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Letter of Thanks from a Grateful Client

Jackie Watson, Director of our Energy Services program, shared the message below—a gracious ‘thank you’ from a client for helping in a time of need. The client reserves special thanks to “Steve and Bob,” who more than restored hot water to the client’s home—they gave her a sense of caring. Great job!

Hi Jackie,

Dolores gave me your name and address as I wanted to know who to “thank” for the wonderful work done for me.

I never thought at 73 that I would find myself in the position of owning a home that I love and having used up all my savings. I have a very small social security check and mostly I am ok until something major happens. I found myself needing my whole hot water system replaced. After several hundred dollars of trying to repair it, I turned to you folks for help.

I have to say that taking a real shower with hot water after 4 months is just wonderful!

I also had to schedule surgery and could not come home alone without hot water. I can now say my surgery is scheduled for June 25th and I am so relieved.

I need to thank Steve and Bob for doing such an excellent job! Steve found a smaller water tank to fit in the cramped space under my stairs where the old electric system was. This made it possible to get installed without having to tear out any of the structure above! You are very lucky to have both Steve and Bob working for your organization. They are truly a gem! Worked so efficiently and checked everything out and cleaned after. I could not have asked for anyone better! I am truly grateful!

Thank you so much for helping me and for all your hard work helping others. You folks are a real blessing.

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