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Let’s Make Something Together. How About a Pumpkin Picture Mosaic?

While the COVID pandemic continues to keep us apart, there are ways we can connect with each other. One idea, perfect for this season, is to create a Pumpkin Picture Mosaic. It’s just what it sounds like: a collection of photos of decorated pumpkins (carved, painted, embossed—you decide), and put together to create a single, larger picture. The photos might not bring us all back to our offices, but they can, through creative endeavor, unite us in the spirit of the season.

Take a pumpkin home—courtesy of the Action Team—and put your artistic skills to work. Get your family to join in. When finished decorating, snap a photo of the pumpkin and send it to I’ll collect the photos until Friday, October 15. On Monday, October 18, I’ll post on the BB our Pumpkin Picture Mosaic.

The pumpkins are free to YCCAC staff, and can be picked up in the warehouse at Spruce Street on Tuesday, September 21st. Get a big one and take it home. Cut, chisel, glue—do with it whatever you please. Let’s enter this new season with joy. Let’s create something apart, and put it all together.

Pumpkin decorating participants will be entered in a raffle for a Dunkin Donuts Gift Card.

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