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Let’s Get Vaccinated—for the Good of Us All!

“Maine CDC expects to see a greater impact of the Delta variant in the state in the coming weeks. While Maine’s high vaccination rate limits routes of transmission, the Delta variant is opportunistic. Vaccination remains the best way for Maine people to protect themselves from the Delta variant and other forms of COVID-19, as our partners at Maine hospitals tell us that the majority of patients requiring treatment for severe COVID-19 symptoms are not fully vaccinated,” Maine CDC Director Nirav Shah said in a statement.

York County Community Action strongly encourages all staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and its variants. As an agency, we’re currently at 75% vaccinated, which is better than the state average (nearing 70%) but not as high as our neighboring states of Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut, all topping 80%.

We can hit that 100% goal with a little effort, with a little bit of a push.

Staff who have not been vaccinated and who have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines are encouraged to read the literature, explore the sites where current information can be found, and to get the facts about the importance of getting vaccinated. Visit the Maine CDC COVID-19 FAQ page to learn about vaccine eligibility (age 12 or older in Maine), scheduling a vaccination, and about how the vaccines work.

And they do work. We have gone from shuttered businesses and mandated mask-wearing to at least an approximation of normality because of the vaccines. They are, or they offer, as New York Times contributing Opinion writer Margaret Renkl published in this morning’s paper, “New life, after such a long, dark year!”

We’re close, we can do it. Let’s go for 100%.

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