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Juneteenth Replaces Patriots' Day as Celebrated Holiday at YCCAC

YCCAC has traditionally celebrated Patriots’ Day as a recognized holiday, which in Maine it is.

But beginning this year, YCCAC will honor Juneteenth in place of Patriots’ Day. The Patriots’ Day holiday, which takes place on Monday, April 18, will be a regular work day at YCCAC and Nasson Health Care. Juneteenth, which is observed on June 19, will replace Patriots’ Day as a day-off holiday. Because this year Juneteenth falls on Sunday, YCCAC will honor the holiday on Monday, June 20.

To summarize: All YCCAC offices will be open on April 18, and will be closed on June 20.

See the full 2022 YCCAC Holiday Schedule HERE.

If you have questions, please send them to me at

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