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Join the Fun Friday Night as Nasson Health Care Sponsors the Sanford Mainers at Goodall Park

What better way to spend a Friday evening than watching a baseball game, LIVE! Better, maybe, if the game was local (Sanford), in support of our home team (Sanford Mainers), and sponsored by our very own Nasson Health Care. And better still if, say, the game was FREE. All of the above apply. On Friday night, July 30th, our Sanford Mainers will go up against the Vermont Mountaineers. The game starts at 6:30 and will be held just down the road from here, at Goodall Park (38 Roberts St, Sanford). And admission to the game will cost you and your family not a penny, not a dime. It’s FREE. We’d love to fill the stands with YCCAC/Nasson staff and family. Let’s get out and do what we’ve been waiting a year and more to do—celebrate together, as a kind of community within our community. To appreciate being together at an event that the entire family will enjoy. Tickets are available for YCCAC/Nasson staff and family by contacting Jeannine Kirven at or Celyn Reed at We’ve been cooped up for a long, long time. Let’s get outdoors and have some fun!

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