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It's Still Heating Season

The Maine Legislature passed the “Winter Energy Relief Payment Program to Aid Residents with High Heating Costs” making it possible for households who may not have been income eligible in the past, to qualify for an $800 fuel/energy benefit now.

Staff can call HEAP Sr. Manager, Jessica Fajardo at 207-459-2946 or HEAP Assistant Manager, Victoria Cartonio 207-703-7028 to apply.

Clients can call 207-459-2950 to apply. Requests can be via phone or in-person.

Other details:

  • Households are eligible for an $800 credit sent directly to their fuel/energy vendor.

  • Income is based on GROSS amounts in an effort to stay consistent with HEAP program rules.

  • LD3 funding can be used to aid with heating costs, including CMP/KLP. However, applicants must utilize ALL resources first including ECIP/HEAP (if eligible).

  • The credit can be used for any heating type

  • Only one benefit/eligible per household

  • The benefit stays as a credit on the clients account until they use it. The credit does not need to be used all at once.

  • Although HEAP eligibility is not a standard, we want to encourage anyone inquiring about LD3 to apply for HEAP.

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