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Integrated Services Update: Summary of the YCCAC Norms on Behalf of the Action Team

In the third of our 6-part summary of Integrated Services, following Review of the Strategic Plan and Summary of Integrated Services Approach: Referrals, Coaching and Data, we are excited to introduce the three established agency Norms, which have been created by the YCCAC Action Team as important guides to manage our work with clients and patients, and to inform our personal interactions with colleagues.

The word “norm” generally refers to something that is usual, typical, standard, or expected. A norm, therefore, is not a particularly difficult standard of behavior to achieve. It observes the practices that come easily to most people. Norms are agreed-upon definitions of productive behaviors and mindsets that should be usual, or “the norm.”

The Norms created by the Action Team are not new performance expectations or expected behaviors to YCCAC staff; in fact, they fairly reflect the way in which we perform our jobs day by day. But they do give a formal definition to our practices, and provide context, allowing us to better appreciate how employing the Norms supports our “culture of quality” and achieves a level of service consistent with our Strategic Goals. Further, the Norms allow us to apply the full measure of our programs and services in an integrated manner, so that efficiencies are maximized and value added to staff/client interactions.

The following members of the YCCAC Action Team represent all of our programs within the organization listed below worked for several months to establish and finalize the Norms:

o Jen Quimby

o Paula Lantagne

o Lisa Stearns

o Danielle Raitt

o Mesha Quinn

o Amber Drake

o Barbara Sweeney

o Darcy Dube

o Rebekah Hayes

o Lisa Pomerleau

o Missy Flayhan

Listed below are the YCCAC Norms, which constitute the qualities—performance, behavior and expectations—of being part of the YCCAC Team.

1. As YCCAC employees, we strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients and patients, as well as to each other. As a team, we coordinate our efforts both within and across departments, to integrate our services to provide the best possible experience and outcome to those we serve.

2. All staff members of the YCCAC team recognize the responsibility of serving as ambassadors of our organization. As a team, we are all committed to working together to embrace the YCCAC mission with integrity, trust and compassion.

3. At YCCAC we commit to trusting our colleagues and to provide effective and accurate communication in order to promote a positive and consistent work environment throughout our organization.

Additional information about the Norms, including what they mean and what they look like at YCCAC, will be provided at a future date. If you have questions, please direct them to a member of the Action Team, listed above.

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