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Inclement Weather Closure Policy

As winter approaches, we wish to remind staff of our YCCAC Inclement Weather Emergency Closure Policy and Procedure. Due to the pandemic, we have staff working both remotely and in-person at our YCCAC locations. When YCCAC is closed due to inclement weather, YCCAC employees, including those working remotely, are not allowed to come to work or to stay at work.

If you are personally concerned about hazardous driving conditions during periods of inclement weather, you are asked to make the safest decision possible with respect to travel to and from work. Under this circumstance, if YCCAC remains open for business, YCCAC employees should notify their supervisor if they choose not to come in to work and are required to use PTO leave to account for any absence.

YCCAC Inclement Weather Emergency Closure Policy
Download PDF • 197KB

Inclement Weather Closure procedure
Download PDF • 182KB

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